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Reasons to Hire a Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning Company After the Holidays

The holiday season is usually the busiest time of the year for everyone, including restaurants. With the heavy traffic your business is experiencing, things can get messy quite quickly - in a literal sense of that word. Chances are that your employees, however good at cleaning they may be, aren't equipped nor ready to handle the aftermath of the holidays. A commercial kitchen deep cleaning company, on the other hand, is. Here, we explain the reasons as to why hiring one would be a decision well made.

Why you should hire a commercial kitchen deep cleaning company post-holidays

There are certain things in life you can do yourself. Then there are those you definitely shouldn't attempt to tackle on your own. Experts at, for instance, believe moving is one of those instances where professional help is needed. After all, they have the training, the experience, and the right tools to handle the process. Well, it's all the same with restaurant kitchen deep cleaning companies. So, without further ado, let's see why it pays to employ one!

Professional restaurant kitchen cleaners have the knowledge and proper equipment

It's the knowledge and the equipment these companies possess that ultimately make a difference. They are what transform a seemingly clean kitchen into a genuinely spotless one. Standard vacuum cleaners, for example, as compared to commercial vacuums, are incapable of picking up all particles. The latter, however, can pick up even those not as easily registered by the human eye.

Proper sanitization

Commercial kitchens are notorious for having a plethora of countertop space for preparing various dishes. Unfortunately, it's also this space that makes cross-contamination possible. You'd be surprised by how easily germs spread. And a single piece of contaminated meat could be to blame.

Although most restaurants regularly wipe and clean the prep areas, that often isn't enough. Bacteria and viruses can hide within nooks and crevices. It takes a commercial kitchen deep cleaning company to combat them fully. The cleaning products used for the task are effective in killing germs without posing a threat to humans.

Cleaning grout

Although most dirt can be removed through the simple actions of sweeping and mopping, that still isn't enough. Dirt particles and harmful germs can end up trapped inside grout, which isn't as easy to clean. The more time passes, the harder it is to clean, and there begins a vicious cycle of unsanitary practices that can often be transferred from your commercial kitchen out to the customer area.

Commercial kitchen deep cleaning services can help your business flourish by ridding your grout of the nastiness that causes foul odors and may even end up contaminating food.

Unclogging drains

It's not uncommon for restaurants to struggle with clogged drains. Grease and pieces of food can find their way into the drains, causing them to slow down or completely block. Professional restaurant kitchen cleaners can unblock these and reinstate the regular flow. The service in itself isn't particularly costly. It is, however, an essential part of the restaurant kitchen cleaning process as it, in the long road, minimizes the occurrence of plumbing issues.

Minimized risks of injury

Workplace accidents occur up to 4x more often in commercial kitchens and restaurants where their own employees deep clean the kitchen and prep areas. Additionally, a commercial kitchen is 7x more likely to have damage occur to equipment due to improper cleaning when done by their own employees.

By having professionals deep clean the area and your equipment instead of your employees, you remove both the risk of injury and equipment damage from the equation. Besides, you've hired the staff to take care of prepping, cooking and delivering food to customer, deep cleaning is not what they are trained to do. On the other hand, commercial kitchen cleaners have been properly trained, and in some cases certified, in all-things cleaning and will know how to take care of themselves and your property during the process, too.

Improved employee attendance

We've already touched upon bacteria and viruses finding their way into the commercial kitchen. Should you choose to have the kitchen cleaned by your employees instead of a commercial kitchen deep cleaning company, you risk them contracting one of those, consequently decreasing the number of people you have available for work. The more people on sick leave you have, the harder it is to successfully run your business. During the holiday rush, that indeed would be terrible, as your restaurant needs as many hands on deck as possible.

Regular cleaning

It's tough to have the kitchen regularly cleaned when it's your staff taking care of the cleaning. Furthermore, by having them sanitize the place, you essentially have them work longer hours, which, truth is, the majority of employees aren't particularly fond of. Not to mention the added costs of paying for overtime. Hiring one of the experienced restaurant kitchen deep cleaning companies could end up costing less than what it would cost you to pay your existing employees to do the work themselves.

Better reputation

The cleaner your commercial kitchen and/or restaurant, the more reputable it is - it doesn't get simpler than that. Customers can notice lapses in cleanliness, EASILY SPREAD THE WORD on social media like a wild fire , and there goes your reputation, and often your customers and revenue. Don't allow negative reviews regarding poor hygiene and experience to ruin your reputation or shut your business down. Instead, woo your customers with impeccable sanitary conditions **I PROMISE THEY NOTICE ** by utilizing a professional kitchen cleaning service provided by an industry leading company in the commercial cleaning industry.

More time on your and your employees' hands

At the end of the day, week and month the fewer added jobs you and your employees have, the more time that leaves you to take care of your initial responsibilities - managing the restaurant and preparing food. If you hire a commercial kitchen deep cleaning company, you'll be able to dedicate yourself fully to growing your business by resetting the level of cleanliness and the amount of work required to keep your commercial kitchen clean. Furthermore, you'll achieve peace of mind knowing have greatly reduced the opportunity of instances of food poisoning due to unsanitary practices, cross contamination or complaints that can ultimately shut you down.

Truth be told, peace of mind is priceless. If you are looking reset your commercial kitchen with a deep cleaning, call Cornerstone Commercial Services today: 1-800-274-3905

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