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Top Benefits of Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Cornerstone CML SVC Team Doing Deep Kitchen Cleaning

If you own a restaurant or a catering company, it is crucial you keep your kitchen squeaky clean. In the service industry, restaurants and other entertainment facilities have to pay attention to hygiene. Therefore, maintaining a certain standard of cleanliness is not a matter of choice - it is a matter of life and death. For this reason, we have noted the top benefits of commercial kitchen deep cleaning that explain why professional kitchen cleaning might be the perfect cleaning method for your needs.

Essentially, the easiest way to fulfill hygienic standards is to look for food-safe commercial kitchen disinfection companies that will clean the appliances, exhaust hoods, food preparation surfaces, and floors in your kitchen. Outsourcing the cleaning to a commercial hood cleaning company will allow you to sigh a breath of relief since you will not be forced to take care of cleaning yourself, and thus, risk violating food safety measures unknowingly. Also, by having your restaurant exhaust hood cleaned to perfection at all times, you are making sure that your employees work not only in a clean but in a safe environment as well. Lastly, by taking the time to properly clean now with an experienced, reputable and detailed commercial cleaning company, you can save yourself a lot in costly repairs later.

In this article we will look at two different, but equally important, aspects of commercial kitchen deep cleaning:

· The kitchen deep clean itself and provide advice on how often and which cleaning services you can hire from commercial kitchen deep cleaning companies.

· Hood vent exhaust system cleaning explain what restaurant kitchen hood cleaning and general kitchen cleaning entail.

Cornerstone Cml Svc Employee Steam Cleaning

What are the top benefits of commercial kitchen deep cleaning?

Commercial hood cleaning differs from everyday cleaning that your staff or cleaning lady does. This deep cleaning method is used to clean your exhaust hood without leaving any traces of dirt, grease, and other substances that may pile up from frequent use. Even more importantly, this is the only cleaning method that guarantees that the kitchen hood vent is disinfected and free from bacteria.

Also, no job is too big or small for a truly professional kitchen exhaust hood cleaning company. This is good news for people who wish to start their own catering business or open a restaurant in a space or with appliances that have been neglected for years. With commercial-grade equipment, commercial hood cleaning and kitchen disinfection are a piece of cake.

Since commercial kitchen deep cleaning services that involve commercial exhaust fan cleaning are so detailed, some restaurant owners decide to move the appliances to a storage unit to ensure that the kitchen is completely cleaned. In this way, you are providing commercial hood cleaners with a properly organized space in which they will afterward be able to obliterate grease and dirt from every nook and cranny of your kitchen.

Besides commercial kitchen exhaust hood cleaning, commercial cleaners typically do whole restaurant steam cleaning, which involves sanitization of hard to reach areas such as:

• Walk-in and Back of stand up refrigerators and freezers

• Spaces between walls and cooking workspace

• Behind cookers and fryers

• Restaurant hood cleaning.

Another benefit of steam cleaning is that this method does not use toxic chemicals or other harmful substances which may cause food poisoning or other unwanted side effects. There are many top benefits of commercial kitchen deep cleaning - it is safe, quick, and reliable to mention only a few.

Cornerstone Cml Svc employee cleaning a dirty hood vent

Why do I have to conduct exhaust hood cleaning in my commercial kitchen?

There are two main reasons:

1 - It’s the law! NFPA 96 Codes state all commercial kitchen hood vent exhaust systems must be cleaned and tagged with an appropriate sticker of completion at least once every 6 months, and in many cases, every 3 months. If not you can be fined or even shut down.

2- This is the primary system to remove smoke and grease particulates along with deadly cooking exhaust fumes that can endanger your employees and customers alike.

The exhaust duct or hood vent of your kitchen ventilation system requires special attention because cooking produces a lot of steam and grease particulates. Grease mixed with dust accumulates over time in the hood vent systems in your kitchen, which, if not removed properly, may develop an awful smell due to the growth of bacteria in the hood and attract pests. But even more serious is the fire hazard. Dirty and neglected exhaust hoods are the number one fire hazard and started for restaurants and commercial kitchens due to the layers and layers of grease and carbon build up in the filters and ducts.

Since such a sanitary and safety violation might ruin your reputation for the good, it is best if you pay special attention to having your hood vent immaculately cleaned at all times. Most companies that provide commercial restaurant exhaust hood cleaning do the job manually. However, this approach to cleaning is not only insufficient but also potentially deleterious to your entire exhaust system. For this reason, make sure you hire exclusively those companies that utilize industrial strength steam cleaners and degreasers!

Dirty Commercial Hood Vent

How often do I have to do commercial range hood cleaning in my restaurant?

Well, let me ask you something personal... how dirty do you get? NFPA 96 Codes state all commercial kitchen hood vent exhaust systems must be cleaned and tagged with an appropriate sticker of completion at least once every 6 months, and in many cases, every 3 months. If not you can be fined or even shut down. Most restaurant hood cleaning businesses offer either one-off or regular hood cleaning service. Note that most states prescribe that every commercial kitchen and restaurant exhaust hood has to be deep cleaned at least once every six months to ensure that all sanitary standards are maintained.

Restaurant exhaust hoods provide fertile ground for the growth of harmful bacteria. Therefore, it is best to comply with the prescribed food safety measures and hire commercial kitchen hood cleaning services at least four times a year for newly operational kitchens. After that, twice a year is enough to maintain a high level of cleanliness in your kitchen.

A responsible commercial kitchen cleaning company will double-check if the cleanse has been done properly and let you know without charging for the review. Cornerstone Commercial Services always does free onsite reviews and estimates so there is not "guesswork" when it comes to the quote. If someone is willing to give you a quote over the phone, site unseen, you better think twice.

Also, the quality of service is measured by how extensive the cleaning actually goes. Obviously, it is not enough to clean only those areas that are visible - although many cut-rate companies do this as a way to save money. Duct systems, blowers, ventilation fans, and other hard to reach places need a thorough cleaning every time to be classified as properly cleaned. So, every single inch - from the hood vent to the exhaust fan - has to be spotless - every time!

Note that a competent commercial kitchen deep cleaning company should check twice to see if they have overlooked anything or if there are any inconsistencies. Additionally, you should receive a detailed report that lists any deficiencies (with pictures) that the cleaning crew noticed during the cleaning process so that you have transparent and accurate insight into the state of your kitchen appliances and ventilation systems.

In the end, properly cleaned hood vent exhaust systems are not something to fear. When you are working with a reputable, detailed and qualified vent hood cleaning company, it should remove headaches and give you peace-of-mind every time they come out to do their job.

If you have questions or concerns about your commercial kitchen or hood vent exhaust system, please contact us today: 1-800-274-3905 or

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