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Hiring Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services when Moving Into Your Restaurant

A commercial kitchen. Owner cleaning and setting up. Commercial cleaning needed.

Business is booming, customer are waiting, and you're thinking it's time to take your business elsewhere - time to relocate it to a location that offers more. Of course, success is only viable as long as the area shines - or rather sparkles. The reputation of your business is highly dependent on cleanliness, which, honestly, is hard to stay on top of while in the midst of a move. However, hiring commercial kitchen deep cleaning services might be the answer to your problems. With their help, your restaurant will remain clean - top to bottom - even during the messy process called relocation.

Why is it important to utilize the help of commercial kitchen deep cleaning services in the midst of a move?

Never has proper commercial kitchen hygiene been more important than now. You know, with the Covid-19 still wreaking havoc and all. With that said, keeping the kitchen area, but the whole restaurant clean as well, is essential, although that's something that you might be struggling with during the relocation.

While moving companies in the likes of State to State Move might be able to help with the actual moving process, restaurant kitchen deep cleaning companies can provide the cleaning assistance when you need it most. They'll make your life as a restaurant owner easier, if even for a little bit. Furthermore, a clean restaurant is one that's beloved by its customers, who are notorious for noticing even the smallest of imperfections. Happy customers equal a positive brand image, which further ensures the success of your business. And who would have thought that success could be so dependent on the overall cleanliness?

Moving is messy. With so many people moving equipment and furniture left and right, it's impossible to keep the place clean during it. However, once everything has been put in its rightful place, it's time to focus on commercial kitchen cleaning.

While you certainly could take care of the basic cleaning, such as vacuuming and dusting on your own, professional kitchen cleaning companies will, undoubtedly, do the job a whole lot better. Their powerful industrial vacuums can pick up particles you haven't even thought are there. On top of high-end vacuums, they also possess cleaning agents that are 100% safe to use in kitchens and, as such, pose no threat to humans.

Commercial Kitchen Deep cleaning workers. Cleaning floor and walls.

How to hire professional restaurant kitchen cleaners?

Although it is undoubtedly possible to do DIY cleaning, it's better to leave it in the hands of professionals. Or at least have them deep clean the place just once before you've officially opened the doors to the customers. But, how do you decide which company to hire and how do you even hire them? Allow us to explain.

Perform extensive research

To figure out the best one out of all commercial kitchen deep cleaning services, you'll need to perform extensive research. Take your hunt to the Internet and read through reviews that people who've employed the food-safe commercial kitchen cleaning companies have left. While visiting company websites is also an option, reviews will give you a better insight into the quality of services provided. Another option is to get referrals from people you trust - friends and family included.

Focus on licensed and insured companies

Make sure that the company you end up hiring for the job has the proper credentials to finish it. You'll want to hire somebody with experience - a company that's completely licensed and insured. Should anything go wrong during the process, it's that license and insurance that will spare you hundreds of dollars.

Discuss the details

Once you have found the professionals you believe might be the ones for you and your restaurant, it's time you discussed the cleaning details. Have them provide you with the complete list of services included in the package, such as commercial exhaust fan cleaning, restaurant exhaust hood cleaning, deep cleaning, and so forth. Don't forget about the estimate, as well. Ask the cleaners to inform you of the approximate price of their services, to avoid unpleasant surprises later on. You should NEVER get a quote over the phone or work with someone who cleans with a pricing structure of "one size fits all". You are heading for disaster. Instead, work with a reputable company willing to provide a free onsite visit, documentation and detailed estimate.

cleaning service free estimate by sales person

Meet the professionals in person

If possible, have somebody from the cleaning team visit your new restaurant location. This should help them better understand what needs to be sanitized and how long it should take. By visiting the place, they should also have an easier time providing you with a quote.

How to maintain post-move cleanliness?

Once the professional restaurant kitchen cleaners have performed their job following your move, it's up to you to maintain that cleanliness. The question is, how?

Train your staff

You'll need to instruct your staff on keeping the area clean. For instance, they should be required to wipe the floors clean each morning and evening. Ask them to sanitize the counters every so often as to prevent food contamination. Considering how we live in the age of the pandemic, it's also a smart idea for them to wear masks while prepping food since that will ensure no germs are spread.

Schedule regular cleaning

It's recommended that the restaurant undergo deep cleaning at least once a month. That means that, if possible, you should schedule regular cleaning sessions with professional restaurant kitchen cleaners. This way, you can rest assured your business will stay spotless for as long as it remains operational (hopefully a long, long time).

If you had any doubts about hiring commercial kitchen deep cleaning services, hopefully, by now, you've realized how important it is to do so after your restaurant relocation. While the option of cleaning yourself is undoubtedly there, the truth is, your effort cannot match that of professional cleaners. And if the money's preventing you from utilizing their services, think of it this way: isn't the success of your business worth investing in?

If you are interested in learning more or would like a free onsite estimate, call Cornerstone Commercial Services TODAY at 1-800-274-3905. See why we are the recognized leader in the industry.

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