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Making the Right Decision is Easy

Dirty vent hoods are a leading cause of fires for restaurants creating unsanitary cooking and working conditions leading to lost or closure of business, citations and fines or even large insurance cost increases.

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You don’t have to own a restaurant to have a commercial kitchen. Today, hospitals, churches, hotels, schools, community centers and senior centers all have kitchens feeding a large number of people. Regardless of the size of the kitchen, or the volume of food it churns out every day, people in your building could be in danger if/when something goes wrong.


This important maintenance step is also important for keeping your food, building, and the people inside, safe. If you operate a low-volume commercial kitchen like the ones mentioned above, you only need to clean your vent hood twice a year to comply with NFPA regulations. This isn’t a huge commitment, and taking the time to have it cleaned each year is vitally important for many reasons.


· Reduce the risk of fire: The purpose of a vent hood is to trap as much grease, smoke and grime as possible. That’s why it’s located directly above the cooking surface. Over time, the hood accumulates a sticky layer of grease. If heated to a high enough temperature, this grease could ignite. Grease fires are incredibly dangerous and burn very hot, so any step you can take to reduce this risk is worth taking.

**Note: The thicker the buildup, the lower the temperature it requires for combustion. Meaning, the longer you wait, the greater the chance of ignition.

· Reduce dangerous particle emissions: The grimier a kitchen vent hood becomes, the less efficient it is at trapping grease, smoke and other grime. Particles not trapped in the vent hood are free to escape into the air inside the building. This causes a potential health risk to your equipment, cooking and stored food, kitchen staff and other people in the building.

· Stay in compliance: If a local fire official makes a surprise visit to your commercial kitchen, he could fine you or shut down the establishment if he discovers the kitchen hood is not clean and well maintained. This isn’t something you ever want to deal with or want to go through.

· Keep insurance costs lower: Insurance companies require commercial kitchens to comply with all fire safety codes. If you’re found in violation of any NFPA96 codes, you could lose coverage or watch helplessly as your premiums skyrocket.

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It takes longer for the grease and grime to build up in a low-volume commercial kitchen, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore it altogether. After enough time has passed, a neglected school kitchen vent hood could become just as filthy as one in a high-volume restaurant and could impact everyone in the building.

The reality is you could clean your kitchen hood yourself if you really wanted to, but it’s strongly recommended that you hire a professional for the job. A fire protection and prevention expert can help:

· SAVE TIME & EFFORT: Hood cleaning is a difficult, messy, time-consuming task and if not done right, can damage your equipment. Hiring an expert frees up time to run your establishment, provides peace of mind and with Cornerstone Commercial Services, the work is ALWAYS GUARANTEED!

· GET THE JOB DONE RIGHT: Vent hoods are intricate, and if you don’t have experience cleaning them, you could overlook something important or do a lot of damage. Professionals get the job done efficiently and thoroughly.

· ADDRESS NEEDED REPAIRS: It’s possible your kitchen hood system isn’t working properly. Having a professional clean your system serves as an opportunity to check for correct system operation and make any necessary repairs or recommendations.

· ADDRESS FIRE CODE ISSUES: Fire codes change over the years. If you’re working in an old building that is no longer up to code, a hood cleaning professional can tell you what changes you need to make and often correct them before a much more costly incident happens.

Avoid fire safety concerns and compliance issues, call Cornerstone Commercial Services today. We provide this important maintenance task for all varieties of commercial kitchens, and we work with your schedule to make sure cleaning occurs when it’s convenient for you.

If you’re located in or around the greater Houston area, contact us today to schedule your free estimate or vent hood cleaning service today at 1-800-274-3905 or visit

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