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How to Go 100% Again (safely)

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

People eating in a busy restaurant. Open 100% after covid. Happy customers in a clean restaurant.

5 Advantages of Hiring Professional Cleaners.

Successful restaurants around the Houston area know they can't do it all. They know what they do well and what they don't. That's why restaurants who want to ensure their safety and success turn to professional restaurant hood vent system cleaners and commercial kitchen cleaners.

A sparkling clean hood vent exhaust system or commercial kitchen doesn't just look inviting and welcoming, it offers safer working conditions and reduces the risk of cross-contamination while providing a more inviting, smell and smoke free environment for the customers. Professional cleaners use different cleaning methods and various chemicals to remove grease and dirt from your exhaust systems, cooking equipment and prep surfaces. The advantage with a professional company is the peace -of-mind knowing they don't use any type of destructive cleaning methods. Always check out the work they have done with before and after pictures.

These companies not only experienced with deep cleaning and know proper cleaning methods for removing grease, burnt food, dirt and everyday build up from the hood vent exhaust system and kitchen surfaces, but they are fully bonded and insured to protect you. Professional restaurant exhaust and kitchen cleaning includes goes far beyond what a standard janitorial service does. This includes at a minimum:

● Detailed Degreasing

● Complete Descaling

● Decarbonizing

● Hand Polishing

● Floor Cleaning and Area Restoration

There are many advantages associated with hiring professional restaurant kitchen cleaners, but we chose five of them to discuss in this article.

#1 Improving work conditions and better food hygiene

Deep cleaning of a restaurant hood vent exhaust system and kitchen means improving the working conditions for all the staff and chefs as well as improving the customer experience. Hiring professionals helps keep your business in the best state. Thorough cleaning is essential because it provides a healthier work environment for restaurant staff but also helps with maintaining food hygiene.

A professional restaurant kitchen cleaner's job is to keep the place tidy, which eventually prevents cross-contamination and the spread of bacteria. A thorough cleaning process leads to better hygiene throughout the commercial front area and back area environments. Scheduling regular cleaning and maintenance can help you avoid customer complaints.

#2 Keeping the staff productive and satisfied

Hiring professionals ensures the hood vent system ad kitchen will be spotless and tidy. The staff won't have the added duty and pressures of cleaning the area, so they can focus more on their job, the business and be more productive and effective. Restaurant employees get tired quickly after a hard day at work, so the added activity of cleaning the kitchen can cause them to be even more exhausted, maybe even burned-out and certainly creates a chance for inferior and ineffective cleaning. Fortunately, restaurant owners and managers know the importance of hiring professional cleaners and the value of their services while at the same time understanding the importance of satisfied and motivated employees.

The staff is hired based on their unique skill set and experience specific to the cleaning task at hand. Don't hire a janitorial crew to do a deep cleaning. To be honest, the decision to hire someone for your restaurant isn't based on their ability to defrost a kitchen freezer properly or to clean a microwave oven, or even to thoroughly clean the commercial kitchen hood. Staff morale can drop if they are frequently required to do additional side jobs, like cleaning the kitchen after regular working hours. Respect their time and effort to enhance their morale. Experienced and knowledgeable cleaners have their price, but as soon as you hire them once, you'll see how their service is really worth it.

#3 Specialized equipment and trained staff

Professional cleaners are informed about all the major innovations and developments in the industry. It's not just about scraping, you have to know how to do it right. They can find the absolute best cleaning materials and equipment available on the market. Furthermore, they have a wide range of supplies and specific tools, and specially designed cleaning products. They know when and where to use each tool to deliver high-quality cleaning results.

Moreover, a professional cleaning company has a highly skilled staff who have attended many hours of training. Professional cleaners have specialized education where they learn how to properly clean all commercial environments and deliver the best cleaning results with maximum efficiency. Just one more thing to know – professional cleaners usually go through security vetting and background checks, so they are reliable and trustworthy.

The cleaning industry has made great strides in environmental care in recent years. A reputable cleaning company can offer you products that are as environmentally friendly as possible and should not have to use destructive cleaning methods. Eco-friendly solutions are so great because they are safe for both the environment and the people in contact with them.

#4 Reducing the risk of foodborne diseases and fewer sick days

Foodborne diseases are the primary concern for any restaurant chain or catering service. They are caused by unclean (or improperly cleaned) equipment and surfaces. Commercial kitchen cleaners mastered proper deep-cleaning techniques to be able to sanitize every part of the kitchen, which is crucial for food health and safety procedures. Proper cleaning prevents the spread of germs and prevents them from infecting the food. Merely wiping the kitchen counter and dusting kitchen equipment isn't enough to keep all bacteria, dust, and debris from building up. Without regular deep cleanings, your staff is likely to rack up more sick days. They can easily catch a cold, the flu, sinus infection, and many other respiratory ailments. Effective sanitizing and cleaning of the restaurant kitchen is especially important now during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the services of a cleaning company, your restaurant will benefit from fewer sick days and operate at full capacity.

In addition to regular cleaning and maintenance, there are a few more situations where thorough cleaning is essential, and one of them is if you need to relocate your restaurant. Before you pack and protect everything from your kitchen, be sure that everything is spotless. That will ensure that you will be ready to start working as soon as possible - in a new location, with new satisfied customers.

#5 Pest control and maintaining food safety regulations

Professional restaurant kitchen cleaners will not only help you prevent the spread of bacteria and foodborne diseases, but will also help with pest control. A spotless kitchen means fewer insects and vermin being attracted to the kitchen and business. These pests can eventually get the restaurant owner into serious trouble with food safety authorities.

Unsanitary food preparation and messy service areas lead to hazardous bacteria growth, which no health inspector wants to see. Having your restaurant regularly cleaned can prevent your business from losing points during a health inspection, or even worse, you fail an inspection and get closed.


All of these advantages boil down to one main thing – convenience. You just need to choose a reliable local cleaning company, and they will take care of everything, from providing high-quality cleaning equipment to sending professional and certified cleaners.

If you're still thinking about whether or not to hire professional restaurant kitchen cleaners, be sure to remember that prevention is key.

If you are looking for high quality Hood Vent exhaust System Cleaning or Detailed Commercial Cleaning call Cornerstone Commercial Services Today 1-800-274-3905.

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